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auto-glass-04Do you live in Cotati and want FAST & AFFORDABLE auto glass replacements? We perform professional installation of windshields, passenger windows, and rear windows for both cars and trucks. View driving directions from Cotati.

It just takes one small crack or chip. Add that with time that passes unnoticed, or due to neglect, and a windshield may need to be replaced. When this happens, it’s vital that you get a new installation as fast as possible, as driving with broken or damaged glass may impair driving ability and cause a hazard on the road. This is especially true if the glass damage is in the line of sight of the driver.


Our repairs and replacements take an hour or less. We accept appointments, but they aren’t necessary! Just walk in one of our locations and you’ll receive the speedy service we are well known for. If you have any questions about car glass replacement & installation, please call us at (707) 544-6666.

When you need an auto glass replacement or repair, you need it right away — check out how we service Cotati. Not only do we have the fastest service available, but we also have the most affordable. Just read our reviews to see why! We’re only an 8 minute drive away from Cotati – here, fixed, and back usually in about an hour! No appointment is necessary – just walk in and we’ll get to work! Need a instant quote? Call us at (707) 544-6666.

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Windshield Replacement in Cotati

Windshield replacement and repairs are needed on a vehicle sometimes. This is due to this piece of auto glass gets cracked or chipped through normal use of the car. Rocks and other debris often travel up from the road as you drive down it and smack into the windshield. These items don’t always make a mark on the auto glass. However, occasionally the object impacts the glass in the right way to chip or crack it. It is vital for you to know when this windshield is repairable and when the windshield needs to be replaced. Our professional auto glass company will be qualified to guide you properly.

Priceless Auto Glass expertise is in vehicle windshield repair. This company provides you quality workmanship for all kinds of cars. We give fast, affordable and reliable service. Our staff continually follows the high standards we drew up for them. Every customer is of importance to our business and we desire you to feel that you can come back to our company for any of your auto glass problems.

A complete windshield replacement is performed in under one hour usually here at Priceless Auto Glass. You don’t have to make an appointment. If they are in a rush, they can make an appointment to help hasten repairs. Feel confident that our technicians will do quality repairs and only use the best parts. Our staff will match any advertised price that people bring to us. Our business wants your business. We will provide any necessary facts also for the insurance company if needed.

Your windshield may not need an entire auto glass replacement. The auto glass may only require an auto glass repair done. It depends on the area the chip or crack happens. When the chip or crack happens in the body of the customer’s windshield, a crack repair or chip repair may only be warranted. A break closer to the frame of the customer’s automobile feels more force on it and could become larger. This is usually when the complete windshield needs to be replaced. Big breaks in any section will merit a windshield replacement.

Today, modern methods that enable our company to provide windshield repairs in no more than 60 minutes many times. Our staff will comprehensively analyze a person’s windshield problem to figure out if it could be repaired. The repair process is fast, efficient and not pricey. You will be operating your car in a short time.

When the analysis discovers that you need auto glass replacement as opposed to an auto glass repair, this replacement can also be performed in less than 1 hour to execute. A replacement is called for when a chip or crack is large or is located where it could easily become larger. You do not want to ignore even slight damage to a windshield. It may be hazardous to you and your family and friends.

Analyze the windshield on weekly basis to make certain your windshield is undamaged. This way you are able to fix the chips or cracks before they turn into serious problems. The last thing you want is for the windshield to fall into you while you are driving your vehicle. This could cut your face and body.

No matter how minor the crack or chip might be, make certain to have our company check the windshield. You might have more problems than just what you discovered. There may be additional breaks around the edge of the windshield that could be cause for a windshield replacement instead of only a windshield repair.

The more expeditiously a chip or crack is discovered the higher the chances are that just an easy chip repair or crack repair will be required. Chips or cracks left unrepaired will become longer and just a replacement can solve the problem. This will be pricier to replace than to repair. This will be important to you when you are the the person paying for repairs instead of a insurance company.

breaks in glass enlarge at an alarming rate if there is the right kind of pressure. A small chip turns into a large one rapidly when it is near to the frame of your car. It might not enlarge as quickly other locations. A crack has to be deemed serious. Have Priceless Auto Glass repair or replace the windshield.

Many times when the chip or crack is very large that there is no doubt that you need a windshield replacement installed. This usually occurs because of a automobile mishap or storm. People will not even see through this auto glass at these times due to it being so shattered. This will call for auto glass replacement as quickly as possible. Insurance normally pays the cost for this type of replacement.

Some auto glass repairs are not expensive. The smaller the breaks the less the price in most circumstances. This is why you should be aware of the condition of your windshield at all times. Bring your car to our company when you first discover an issue. Our technicians might be able to solve your damage with a fast, basic windshield repair. Our staff will be glad to provide people with a quote for our work.

When the windshield is repaired or replaced, it will look brand new. The repair will last until another item comes along to chip it. Windshields might always break as other glass can. Keep the auto glass on the car spotless and free from dirt and debris to minimize scratches that can turn into cracks. Drive slowly when you know there are rocks on the road to stop them from catapulting into the auto glass. These suggestions will reduce the number of chip repairs, crack repairs or windshield replacements you will require.

Use Priceless Auto Glass for any windshield repairs or windshield replacement you need on your car. We won’t disappoint you with our fine repairs. We will carefully replace or repair your auto glass on your vehicle. This may only take less than 60 minutes in most circumstances to address your problems and help you on your trip. Our company has two locations to serve you more easily. One is in Ukiah and the other one is in Santa Rosa. Call to find out the price prior to coming to our locations at (707) 544-6666. Our staff members are waiting to answer your questions.