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Windshield Installation made Fast and Easy

auto-glass-smThinking of installing your own windshield? Consider the fact that many auto glass components are fragile and require the skill of a trained professional. While many do-it-yourself projects are effective, a task such as windshield installation is best left to Priceless Auto Glass.

Just stop by our shop (click here to view directions from Healdsburg) – you don’t need an appointment! Most jobs are completed in less than an hour depending on the extent of the work. We are well known for our ability to repair or replace new auto glass in a short amount of time without an appointment.


The Process

First we analyze the extent of damage. There are several factors that determine whether or not a windshield can be replaced, such as the length of the damage, the severity of impact, and the location of the damage on the windshield. You’ll be surprised how effective modern repair methods on most types of cracks and chips. If we determine that the damage is too extensive for repair, we will advise you on purchasing a new windshield.

We have auto glass for most, if not all, makes and models of vehicles on location. The glass we carry is only of the best quality, and our installation staff is thoroughly trained and professional. We’ve had some jobs completed in as low as 15 minutes!

Directions From Healdsburg

We are Healdsburg’s top auto glass repair shop. Just 18 minutes away, and less than an hour of service, means you don’t have to spend half your day waiting for glass repair! Let our trained staff take care of all your auto glass needs. We offer installation and repair for most makes and models of vehicles.

Windshield replacement or repair is called for on your car occasionally. This is due to this windshield gets chipped or cracked through normal use of your car. Rocks along with other debris will flip up from the highway as you traverse along it and smack into your windshield. These items do not always cause a mark on the windshield. However, occasionally the object bumps the glass with enough force to chip or crack it. It is important for you to understand when this auto glass can be repaired and when your auto glass has to be replaced. Only a professional auto glass service is qualified to guide you correctly.

Priceless Auto Glass expertise is in automobile windshield repair. This company gives you quality work for most kinds of cars. Our technicians give quick, inexpensive and good service. Our staff consistently follows the high standards we devised for them. Each customer is of importance to our company and we desire you to understand that you can come back to us for all of your vehicle glass needs.

A total windshield replacement is installed in no more than 60 minutes usually with us at Priceless Auto Glass. You don’t need an appointment. If they are in a hurry, you could make an appointment to help speed up repairs. Rest assured that our technicians will perform quality work and only use quality parts. Our technicians will match any advertised cost that customers bring to us. Our establishment wants your business. Our company will fill out any needed paperwork also for customers’ insurance claim if necessary.

A person’s windshield might not call for an entire auto glass replacement. It may only need an auto glass repair done. This depends on where the crack or chip happens. When the break happens in the body of the customer’s windshield, a chip repair or crack repair may only be necessary. A break closer to the body of the customer’s car goes through more pressure on it and could become larger. This is normally when the entire windshield has to be replaced. Long breaks in any place can warrant a windshield replacement.

There are modern methods that allow our company to offer windshield repairs in no more than 60 minutes many times. Our staff will comprehensively look over a customer’s auto glass issue to decide if it could be repaired. The repair procedure is quick, efficient and not pricy. You will be operating your car quickly.

If our examination discovers that people need auto glass replacement as opposed to an auto glass repair, the replacement will also be performed in less than an hour to perform. The replacement is needed if the chip or crack is large or is located where it can easily become larger. You do not want to ignore even slight damage to your windshield. This can be dangerous to you and your family and friends.

Look over the windshield on regular basis to make sure the windshield is without damage. This is how you will be able to fix the chips or cracks before they turn into serious issues. The last problem you want is for the windshield to cave in on you while you are steering your car. This will harm your face and body.

Regardless how insignificant any break may be, make sure to have our company check your auto glass. You might have more damage than only the ones you found. There might be more breaks around the perimeter of the windshield that could be reason for a windshield replacement in place of only a windshield repair.

The more quickly a chip or crack is found the higher the chances are that only a simple chip repair or crack repair will be required. Damage left untouched will spread bigger and only a replacement can fix the situation. It will be pricier to replace than to repair. This is important to you when you are the one paying for repairs in place of a insurance company.

Cracks in glass spread at a fast rate if there is the right kind of pressure. A tiny break turns into a large one rapidly when it is close to the main part of your automobile. This may not spread as quickly other spots. A chip has to be thought of as serious. Have Priceless Auto Glass repair or replace the auto glass.

Sometimes if the break is so large that there is no doubt that you need a windshield replacement procedure. This usually occurs due to a car wreck or storm. Drivers cannot even see through the auto glass at these times since it is so shattered. This will call for auto glass replacement as quickly as possible. Car insurance normally pays the price for this kind of replacement.

Numerous auto glass repairs are not expensive. The smaller the chips or cracks the less the expense in most circumstances. This is why you need to be aware of the appearance of your windshield at all times. Bring your automobile to us when you first notice a problem. Our technicians might be able to resolve your issue with a fast, easy windshield repair. We will be pleased to provide customers with a estimate for our services.

When the auto glass is repaired or replaced, it will look new. The windshield will last until another object happens along to chip it. Auto glass can always break in the same way other glass could. Make sure the auto glass on the automobile spotless and free of dirt and debris to lessen scratches that could turn into cracks. Move slowly when you notice that there are stones on the street to prevent them from flipping into your windshield. These suggestions will lower the number of chip repairs, crack repairs and windshield replacements a driver will need.

Use Priceless Auto Glass for all windshield repairs or windshield replacement you have to have on your automobile. Our company won’t displease you with our exceptional work. Our technicians will diligently repair or replace the windshield on your vehicle. This might only take less than 1 hour in most circumstances to repair your problems and help you on your trip. Our company has two locations to serve you more conveniently. One is in Ukiah and the other one is in Santa Rosa. Telephone us to find out the price prior to traversing to us at (707) 544-6666. We are waiting to answer your questions.