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Car window cracked? We can fix it!

windshield-chip-repairPriceless Auto Glass is Petaluma’s top pick for auto glass repairs and replacement. If your windshield has even a minor ding or chip, drop everything and call us now – (707) 544-6666 – so we can provide you a quote on replacement. It’s not costly, and repairing damage early on is very affordable and can be done in less than an hour – as low as 15 minutes! Directions to our shop are at the bottom of the page.


Take care of auto glass damage EARLY!

Chips spread fast. Cracks spread faster. The pressure of the window so tightly secured to the frame causes this spreading. And after it spreads a certain length, the window may become irreparable. Installing a brand new windshield is a lot more costly than getting a quick repair. We’d rather repair your damage on the spot!

How does chip repair work?

We inject a small bit of resin into the center of the cracked area using the latest in windshield repair technology. Using a specialized vacuum device, we seal the air in allowing the resin to spread and fill the cracks. Using a specialized drill, we control the flow of the resin to effectively seal the chip without leaving a significant mark. However, certain types of damage may leave a translucent distortion after chip repair. While this is entirely okay for most portions of the windshield, distortions directly in the center of the window may impair driving ability and pose as a distraction and driving hazard. We will let you know if the repair will leave a potentially distracting mark (very infrequently does it happen, but we assess this anyways for your safety!)

Directions From Petaluma

A quick 20 minute drive brings you to the best auto glass repair shop around. No appointment is required – walk-ins welcome! We complete our replacements and repairs in an hour or less, because we know that you have better things to do. Check out the driving directions below. See you soon!

Petaluma’s best Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield replacement or repair is required on a automobile at times. This is due to this piece of auto glass gets cracked or chipped through normal use of your automobile. Pebbles and other debris often flip up from the street as you drive down it and bang into your windshield. These things don’t always make a mark on your windshield. However, at times the object impacts the glass with enough force to break it. It is important for you to comprehend when your windshield is repairable and when your auto glass has to be replaced. Our professional auto glass service is able to guide you properly.

Priceless Auto Glass specializes in automobile windshield repair. This company provides you quality workmanship for all makes and models of vehicles. We offer quick, competitively-priced and good service. Our staff at all times follows the rigid standards we set for them. Each customer is of importance to our business and we want you to feel that you can come back to us for any of your vehicle glass needs.

An entire windshield replacement is provided in no more than one hour most times with us at Priceless Auto Glass. people don’t require an appointment. If you are in a rush, they could make an appointment to help expedite repairs. Have confidence that our staff will perform quality repairs and only install quality parts. Our technicians will match any advertised cost that people show us. Our company wants your patronage. We will provide any needed facts also for your insurance company if necessary.

Your windshield might not require a total auto glass replacement. The auto glass might only need an auto glass repair performed. This depends on where the chip or crack happens. When the break appears in the center area of the windshield, a chip repair or crack repair might only be warranted. A break closer to the body of the customer’s vehicle has more pressure on it and will become bigger. This is usually when the whole windshield needs to be replaced. Long cracks or chips in any section can lead to a windshield replacement.

There are updated methods that let our technicians to provide windshield repairs in no more than 60 minutes at times. We will thoroughly look over a person’s auto glass damage to figure out if it can be repaired. Our company’s repair process is quick, efficient and inexpensive. You will be driving your car quickly.

When our examination shows that you need auto glass replacement instead of auto glass repair, the replacement can also be done in less than 60 minutes to perform. This replacement is required for when a chip or crack is large or is in a place where it can easily spread. You should not need to ignore any damage to the windshield. This may be dangerous to you and your family and friends.

Analyze your windshield on weekly basis to be certain it is undamaged. This is how you can correct all the breaks before these can turn into serious issues. The last issue you want is for the auto glass to fall into you as you are driving your car. This could cut your face and body.

No matter how insignificant any break could be, make certain to have our technicians check your windshield. You could have more problems than only the breaks you found. There might be additional breaks near the perimeter of your windshield that can be reason for a windshield replacement instead of just a windshield repair.

The more expeditiously a chip or crack is noticed the higher the likelihood is that just an easy crack repair or chip repair will be needed. Damage left unrepaired will spread bigger and only a replacement can solve the issue. It will be more expensive to replace compared to a repair. This will be of importance to you when you are the the driver paying the bill instead of the insurance company.

chips in glass spread at a surprising rate if there is the proper kind of pressure. A minor break turns into a large one quickly when it is next to the frame of the vehicle. It may not become larger as fast other locations. A break needs to be deemed serious. Have Priceless Auto Glass replace or repair the auto glass.

Many times if the chip or crack is so severe that there is no question that you should have a windshield replacement procedure. This normally occurs due to a car wreck or storm. Drivers cannot even see through the windshield at these times due to it is so shattered. This calls for auto glass replacement as soon as possible. Car insurance normally pays the expense for this type of replacement.

Many auto glass repairs are not expensive. The smaller the chips or cracks the less the cost in most circumstances. This is why you have to notice the condition of your auto glass continually. Bring your automobile to our technicians when you first notice a crack or chip. We might be able to solve your problem with a quick, simple windshield repair. We will be glad to provide customers with a quote on our repairs.

When the auto glass is replaced or repaired, it will look new. The repair will last until another object comes along to crack it. Windshields could always break just like other glass can. Be certain the windshield on the car spotless and free from dirt and debris to lessen scratches that could turn into cracks. Move slowly when you know there are rocks on the road to stop them from flipping into your windshield. These suggestions will reduce the number of chip repairs, crack repairs or windshield replacements a person will need.

Use Priceless Auto Glass for any windshield repairs or windshield replacement you have to have on your vehicle. Our technicians won’t displease you with our fine work. We will expertly replace or repair your auto glass on your automobile. This may only take less than an hour in most situations to repair your chips or cracks and send you on your journey. We have two locations to serve you more conveniently. One is at Ukiah and the other one is in Santa Rosa. Telephone us to find out a cost before coming to our locations at (707) 544-6666. Our employees are ready to answer any questions.