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priceless-auto-glass-3dConsidering a DIY windshield installation project? Think again. Many people who try to install their own auto glass usually end up making mistakes or installing it wrong. In the case that the glass wasn’t damaged during the installation process, the glass may not be fastened right to the frame, thus causing an un-safe environment for further damage or detachment while driving. These types of projects are best left to a trained professional. Call us @ (707) 595-9115. Or you can contact us online.

Priceless Auto Glass offers fast and affordable installation for all types of auto glass. You don’t have to spend much to get it professionally done, because we strive to be the absolute cheapest quality glass north of the bay. Most installations and repairs are completed within an hour, some as low as 15-30 minutes. You don’t even need to schedule an appointment. Just walk in, and we’ll get you taken care of. Check out our driving directions from Rohnert Park – we’re just a quick drive away!


Our Elaborate Windshield Replacement Process

The very first thing we do is assess the extent of the damage. There are many instances where a replacement is not necessary – if the damage isn’t that significant, we can repair the windshield on the spot for a fraction of the cost of new installation. The length of the crack, as well as its location, and severity of impact, all goes in to determine whether or not a repair is possible. If we can repair it, we’ll let you know! Many auto glass repair shops will replace it even if a repair can fully restore a windshield; this costs the customer more money than necessary. You can expect honesty, integrity, and professionalism from Priceless Auto Glass.

If a new windshield replacement is indeed necessary, then we’ll select a top-quality glass from our warehouse. We have every type of auto glass for most makes and models of vehicles on location. No leaving your car with us. No waiting a half day. In, out, and on the road.

Want to see the level of satisfaction we provide? Just read our reviews to see how happy our customers are.

Directions From Rohnert Park

Just 10 minutes away from Rohnert Park, Priceless Auto Glass is a trusted source for all forms of installation and repair. We have glass for most makes and models in our shop, and we carry only the best brands. We’ll try to get you in and out in an hour or less!

Rohnert Park’s Best

Windshield replacement or repair is called for on a vehicle sometimes. This is due to this windshield gets chipped or cracked through normal use of your automobile. Stones along with other items can fly up from the street as you travel down it and smack into the windshield. These objects don’t always make a mark on your auto glass. However, occasionally the thing impacts the glass hard enough to break it. It is vital for you to comprehend when your auto glass can be repaired and when the windshield needs to be replaced. Only a professional auto glass company will be able to advise you correctly.

Priceless Auto Glass specializes in automobile windshield repair. This company offers you quality craftsmanship for most makes and models of automobiles. Our technicians provide fast, inexpensive and quality service. Our staff consistantly follows the rigid standards we drew up for them. Every customer is important to us and we desire you to understand that you can return to our business for any of your vehicle glass problems.

An entire windshield replacement is provided in no more than one hour most times with us at Priceless Auto Glass. customers do not have to make an appointment. If they are in a hurry, you can make an appointment to help speed up repairs. Have confidence that our staff will provide quality work and only install the best parts. Our technicians will match any advertised price that you show us. Our business wants your business. Our business will provide any pertinent facts also for the insurance company if necessary.

A person’s windshield may not call for a complete auto glass replacement. The windshield may only require an auto glass repair performed. This depends on where the chip or crack is located. When the break appears in the center area of your windshield, a chip repair or crack repair might only be necessary. A crack or chip next to the frame of the customer’s vehicle has more pressure on it and can become larger. This is usually when the whole windshield needs to be replaced. Long cracks or chips in any place can lead to a windshield replacement.

Nowadays, updated techniques that enable our company to offer windshield repairs in under 1 hour most of the time. Our technicians will thoroughly analyze your auto glass damage to see whether or not it just needs to be repaired. Our company’s repair procedure is fast, effective and not pricy. You will be driving your automobile quickly.

If any examination uncovers that customers need auto glass replacement instead of auto glass repair, the replacement will also be performed in less than 1 hour to finish. A replacement is called if any chip or crack is big or is in a place where it might easily become larger. You should not need to ignore some damage to the windshield. It can be dangerous to you and your passengers.

Look over the windshield on monthly basis to make sure your windshield is not damaged. This way you will be able to fix the cracks or chips before they turn into serious issues. The last issue you need is for your windshield to fall into you while you are steering your automobile. This will cut your face and body.

No matter how insignificant any break might be, make certain to have our company look over the windshield. You could have more damage than only the breaks you see. There could be hidden chips or cracks around the perimeter of the auto glass that can be reason for a windshield replacement instead of just a windshield repair.

The more expeditiously a crack or chip is noticed the higher the likelihood is that only a basic crack repair or chip repair will be needed. Breaks left untouched will spread larger and only a replacement will fix the problem. It will be more expensive to replace compared to a repair. This is important to you when you are the one paying for repairs instead of the insurance company.

Cracks in glass spread at a surprising rate when there is the proper kind of pressure. The minor crack becomes a large one quickly when it is near to the frame of the car. This may not become larger as rapidly other spots. A chip has to be deemed serious. Have Priceless Auto Glass remedy any problems with your auto glass.

Sometimes when the break is very severe that there is no confusion that you need a windshield replacement performed. This usually occurs due to a vehicle wreck or natural disaster. You cannot even see through the windshield at these times due to it being so shattered. This will call for auto glass replacement as quickly as possible. Insurance typically pays the price for this kind of replacement.

Many auto glass repairs are not pricy. The smaller the chips or cracks the less the cost in most situations. This is the reason you need to be aware of the shape of your windshield all the time. Bring your car to our technicians when you first notice a problem. Our technicians will be able to resolve your issue with a fast, simple windshield repair. Our technicians will be pleased to provide customers with a quote on our repairs.

Once the auto glass is repaired or replaced, it will look new. The repair will last until another object happens along to chip it. Windshields could always break as other glass can. Keep the auto glass on your vehicle clean and free of debris and dirt to reduce scratches that can change into cracks. Move slowly when you notice that there are pebbles on the street to stop them from catpulting into the windshield. These suggestions will reduce the amount of chip repairs, crack repairs and windshield replacements you will require.

Come to Priceless Auto Glass for all windshield repairs or windshield replacement you need on your vehicle. Our company won’t displease you with our fine repairs. We will carefully repair or replace the windshield on your automobile. It might just take less than 60 minutes in most cases to repair your problems and send you on your journey. We have two locations for serving you more easily. One is in Ukiah and the second one is in Santa Rosa. Telephone us to discover a price prior to driving to our locations at (707) 544-6666. We are ready to answer all questions.

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