Even though your windshield has a chip, crack, or fracture, you may not require a full windshield replacement. Modern technology has paved the way for extensive windshield repair and preservation; most cases of dings or cracks can be easily repaired in under an hour at minimal cost!

Priceless Auto Glass uses the latest chip repair technology available to repair those dinged and damaged windshields. During our assessment, we will determine whether or not your windshield falls into the repairable category. If so, we’ll perform a fast and efficient chip repair process to get you back on the road with less cost. Most repairs are performed within an hour, and absolutely no appointment is necessary!

How do I know if I need to replace my windshield?
There are many variables that come into play when dealing with a damaged windshield. We perform an elaborate inspection to make absolutely sure your windshield can be repaired by our trained professionals, before advising you that a new windshield is required. This inspection covers several categories, listed below.

Location of the chipped glass

Not all locations are treated equal when it comes to glass damage. Depending on where the damage is located determines if we can repair it to a like-new state or not. Typically, dings closer to the edge of the glass require more urgent assistance, and can render a windshield irreparable if left untreated. This damage is usually out of the line of sight of the driver and can go longer without being noticed. If your auto glass is currently un-damaged, be sure to check it thoroughly once every week or so. Even the smallest dings can have long-lasting consequences if left untreated.

This is because damage to the edge of the glass experiences a greater pressure from the frame. The glass is tight and compacted to keep your windshield in place. When damage is closer to the frame, more pounds of force are exerted upon it, thus leaving it more vulnerable to spreading and further fractures. We’ve seen many windshields completely ruined by fractures no greater than the tip of a sharpened pencil! That’s why consulting a trained auto glass repair specialist, such as Priceless Auto Glass, is very important. We’ll even perform a complimentary assessment of your windshield to determine if repair is necessary.

Length of the fracture

The length of the damage spreading plays a vital role into its repair-ability. If the length is long, especially greater than 12 inches, it may not be possible to fix without replacing the entire windshield. This is the reason why getting your chips repaired immediately is of significant importance. Smaller chips, which do not have much spreading, can be repaired in under an hour at very minimal cost. The longer the fracture spread, the more difficult it is to fully repair. Even if we can repair it, the chances of it leaving a mark are greater. This applies to repaired damage in the driver’s line of sight. A slight distortion may appear over repaired damage. That can lead to a distraction while driving as the driver’s sight may focus on the distortion. Windshields must be 100% transparent! Any form of obstruction, whether it be a chip, a hanging ornament off the rear-view mirror, or something caught in the wipers, may be a distraction. Remember, it only takes less than a second of focus off of the road to lead to an accident. Priceless Auto Glass assesses this factor while repairing windshields.

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