If your windshield has recently come in contact with a ding or minor collision, such as a rock thrown from under a large truck, you may wonder if the damage requires windshield replacement. Fortunately, for most cases, a windshield can be preserved through windshield chip repair.

The technology available to repair windshields is steadily growing. Fewer windshield replacements are necessary, which saves consumers a lot of stress and money! However, even the greatest technology has its limits, and there are many cases where replacement is the best — and sometimes only — option. At Priceless Auto Glass, we perform several tests to best assess the extent of the chip or crack, and we replace a windshield only if absolutely necessary.

There are several determining factors that go into our decision regarding what course of action will be best for your windshield. We’re listing a few of them below, even though our in-depth analysis touches up on several other factors depending on the make and model of your vehicle, and the existing integrity of your windshield.

Factors That Determine Windshield Replacement
Length of the crack

The longer your windshield is left cracked without proper repair, the less likely that we’ll be able to fix it. At this point, it would be most effective to replace the entire windshield glass. As time passes the crack, underneath the pressure of the solid auto glass frame, will begin to expand in the direction of the fracture. This can take, months, weeks, even days. When you notice a crack, you need to address it immediately.

If we determine the crack is unable to be repaired, we’ll advise you to install a new windshield.

Location of the damage

Cracks closer to the windshield frame spread a lot faster than cracks in the center, because they receive greater surrounding pressure. They might spread too fast to receive repair in time. Additionally, cracks on the edge of the windshield are often not noticed until it is too late, because they are outside of the driver’s line of vision.

Severity of damage

While a crack might be extended, it can be too severe to repair. High-impact damage — even though visually appearing small — can greatly fracture the integrity of the windshield and require replacement.

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Windshield Replacement and Repair for Santa Rosa Residents
Windshield replacement or repair is needed on a car occasionally. This is because this piece of auto glass becomes chipped or cracked through normal use of the car. Rocks and other debris can fly up from the road as you travel down it and hit the windshield. These things do not always leave a mark on this auto glass. However, sometimes the object hits the glass hard enough to chip or crack it. It is important for you to understand when this auto glass can be repaired and when it needs to be replaced. Only a professional auto glass service will be able to advise you properly.

Priceless Auto Glass specializes in auto windshield repair. This company provides you quality work for any types of vehicles. We provide fast, affordable and reliable service. Our staff at all times follows the strict standards we devised for them. Every customer is important to us and we want you to feel that you can return to us for any of your auto glass needs.

A complete windshield replacement is provided in less than 60 minutes most times here at Priceless Auto Glass. You do not need an appointment. If you are in a rush, you can schedule an appointment to help speed up repairs. Feel confident that we will do quality work and only use the best parts. We will match any advertised price that you show us. Our company wants your business. We will provide any necessary paperwork also for your insurance company if needed.

Your windshield may not need a total auto glass replacement. It may only need an auto glass repair performed. It depends on where the crack or chip is located. When the chip or crack appears in the body of the windshield, a chip repair or crack repair may only be warranted. A chip or crack closer to the frame of the car has more pressure on it and can become larger. This is normally when the whole windshield needs to be replaced. Large cracks or chips in any area can merit a windshield replacement.

There are modern methods that allow us to perform windshield repairs in less than 60 minutes at times. We will closely examine your windshield damage to see if it can be repaired. Our repair process is fast, efficient and affordable. You will be driving your car quickly.

When our analysis shows that you need auto glass replacement instead of auto glass repair, this replacement can also take less than 1 hour to perform. This replacement is called for when the crack or chip is large or is in a place where it can easily spread. You do not want to ignore any damage to your windshield. It could be dangerous to you and your passengers.

Examine your windshield on regular basis to make sure it is not damaged. This way you can correct any cracks or chips before they turn into serious problems. The last thing you want is for the auto glass to fall into you while you are driving your vehicle. This could cut your face and body.

No matter how small a chip or crack may be, make sure to have us check your windshield. You may have more damage than just what you see. There could be hidden cracks or chips around the perimeter of the windshield that would be cause for a windshield replacement instead of just a windshield repair.

The faster a crack or chip is noticed the higher the chances are that only a simple chip repair or crack repair will be needed. Damage left untouched will grow larger and only a replacement will fix the problem. It will cost more to replace than to repair. This will be important to you when you are the one paying the bill opposed to your insurance company.

Cracks in glass spread at an alarming rate when there is the right amount of pressure. A small crack becomes a large one quickly when it is next to the frame of the vehicle. It may not spread as quickly other places. Any crack should be considered serious. Have Priceless Auto Glass repair or replace your auto glass.

There are times when the damage is so severe that there is no question that you need a windshield replacement performed. This usually happens because of a car wreck or natural disaster. You cannot even see through the windshield at these times because it is so shattered. This will call for auto glass replacement as soon as possible. Insurance typically pays the cost for this type of replacement.

Some auto glass repairs are not expensive. The smaller the damage the less the expense in most cases. This is why you need to pay attention to the condition of your windshield at all times. Bring your vehicle to us when you first notice a problem. We may be able to solve your issue with a fast, simple windshield repair. Our staff will be happy to provide you with a quote on our services.

Once the windshield is repaired or replaced, it will look new. It will last until something else comes along to break it. Auto glass can always break as other glass can. Keep the glass on your car clean and free from dirt and debris to minimize scratches that could turn into cracks. Drive slowly when you know there are rocks on the road to prevent them from flying into your auto glass. These tips will reduce the number of chip repairs, crack repairs or windshield replacements you will need.

Use Priceless Auto Glass for any windshield repairs or windshield replacement you need on your vehicle. We will not disappoint you with our fine service. Our staff will expertly repair or replace your windshield on your vehicle. It will only take less than 60 minutes in most cases to address your issues and send you on your way. We have two locations to serve you better. One is in Ukiah and the other one is in Santa Rosa. Call to find out a price before coming to us at (707) 544-6666. We are standing by to answer your questions.